Farewell, My Lovely, by Raymond Chandler

Book 47

Our old pal Philip Marlowe is caught up in two different crimes – the murder of a bar owner and a jewel heist that ends in murder.  As in most hard-boiled capers, you never know if the cops are good or bad and whether they will help or hurt the cause.  There is always a beautiful and dangerous woman (or three) and our hero will always get his ass kicked a couple of times.  Throw in a sunny city with a dark side, like Los Angeles and the formula is complete.

If I am going to judge mysteries on the basis of my ability to solve them, Farewell, My Lovely does well.  It was very near the reveal before it even dawned on me.  However.  The characters are all so unlikeable.  I wouldn’t be able to stand Marlowe himself if he didn’t come with Humphrey Bogart’s face.  It sorta seems like Chandler was in a really bad mood when he wrote this.  Or on a really bad bender.


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