Blankets 65 – 73

I brought nine finished blankets to Project Linus at Starbucks the other night.  Nine!  And I still had one fleece left at home.  In fact, these last two were finished and washed right before I walked out the door:

The big panel with the snake was a fabric experiment from Joann Fabric.  I like the bright colors, but it looks like they didn’t fly because I picked up several on clearance.  Red Heart yarn in Black.  The purple animal print used Red Heat yarn in Soft White, or something like that.  Next:

This one had a similar panel, with bumble bees on it.  Red Heart yarn in White.  The two solid pieces – also Red Heart yarn in White – have fleece appliques of butterflies and dragonflies and stuff.  Love them.  And on the seat of the couch is a Boyd Bear pattern with Red Heart’s Blue yarn.

Finally, the Scooby Doos:


On the left is the Scooby Doo pattern, edged in Red Heart’s turquoise yarn.  On the right is a solid red with leftover pieces of the Scooby Doo fabrics sewn on and edged in Red Heart’s White yarn.  In the middle is the brown solid fleece with pieces of a dinosaur fabric, edged in an off-white from Red Heart.

I need more black and more white yarn.

2 Comments on “Blankets 65 – 73

  1. Thanks! My brother Scott’s kids would also go for the Scooby Doo stuff and that is the occupational hazard of volunteering with Project Linus.

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