Blankets 56 – 64 2012

I took the pictures, I washed the blankets, I even delivered them to Project Linus and I forgot to post the pics.

This one started with the grey pieces.  I had planned to quilt them together over a year ago with a yarn that  Or plum.  Don’t remember, but it was too dark.  So I tossed the finished pieces into the back of my closet and forgot about them.  I just pulled them out and bought some new yarn and this is how it turned out:

You can expect to see at least one more just like it.  I’m not out of grey pieces yet.  Lion Brand Vanna Yarn in Pink, White and ..some kind of grey

This is the Took For Freakin’ Ever Blanket

Which is what happens when you want to fully crochet something large.  Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue and Heather Grey.

And now on to the fleece.

See that one in the middle?  Solid camel colored fleece.  The horses were sewn on by another volunteer from some leftover fleece pieces.  I used a cream colored yarn – Red Heart, probably – and it turned out nicely.  And we have more Disney princesses, with Caron white yarn.  I also used Caron yarn with the awesome lizards, but I don’t remember the name of the blue.

Finally, the bugs and the nursery animals used those same Caron yarns.  The pirates had Red Heart’s cherry red and the dogs have..I don’t remember the name.  Michael’s house yarn in some variety of pink.

Nine in one month seems like a lot, but the two fully crocheted had been in progress forever and a couple of the fleece pieces were baby blankets.

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