Wright-Way Rescue’s Run for Shelter 5K

I have posted about two charity walks that I have done with Fiona, and on Friday I registered for a third.  This time, because Wright-Way is the shelter that brought me Gibbs, I set up a fundraising account.  This is the picture they first posted that made my mother say, “I want to adopt that dog and name him after Mark Harmon”:

Why, you ask, am I taking Fiona instead of Gibbs to the charity walk for his rescue?  Because Gibbs gets anxious in new situations and around new people and anyway, his leash manners are terrible.  Fiona can’t be trusted for five minutes in her own back yard, but put her on a leash and take her freakin’ anywhere and she is golden.  Gratuitous Fiona pic:

Anyway.  I may have mentioned that Wright-Way is a rescue based downstate that specializes in scooping up puppies and pregnant mamas that are dumped in rural shelters.  When they are ready, they are vetted and most are adopted out of a facility in suburban Chicago.   But Wright-Way is losing its local lease and is trying to raise funds to purchase a permanent facility.

When I registered, I used the tools to plaster the links all over my social media sites.  The next morning, I checked my work e-mail and found a message from a colleague saying he’d be glad to donate and I should stop by his office on Monday.  A couple of hours after that, I received an e-mail from firstgiving.com saying that my boss had made a donation.

That is two people from my office donating before even my mother.  I love my job.

The event is October 6.  If there are any locals who like to join in, I’d be glad to have you there.  If not, Fiona and I have no trouble walking in by ourselves and meeting people.  And of course, I will be thrilled with any donations you may be inclined to make.  You can find my page here.

Gibbs thanks you.

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