Fargo in July

I took a quick trip out to Fargo this week for a presentation.  The weather was lovely and I quickly realized that as many times as I had visited North Dakota, I had never been there in the summer.  Never walked through and enjoyed downtown Fargo in the daylight.  I learned several things:

1.  The downtown area has a noise ordinance.  Quiet hours are 10pm to 6am.  This is particularly interesting since Fargo is the home of North Dakota State University.

2.  They don’t really need their coffee.  The one coffee bar on Broadway doesn’t open until 6:30 in the morning.  And when I arrived at 6:31, it wasn’t open yet!  Do you know what would happen if my corner Starbucks opened five minutes late on a Wednesday morning?!

3.  They have the same goofy art parades that we have.

Fargo was prepping for some kind of street fair when I was in town.  Blocking off the streets and that kind of thing.  I discovered that all of the cop cars in Fargo have license plates that say “POLICE” on them.  Even the unmarked ones.

The streets were dead at 6:30 am and hopping at 7:00.  The airport has been renovated which is mostly good except the restaurant with the famous beer cheese soup is gone.  And my regular hotel is in the middle of a major facelift.  I am hoping it is done by the time I get back in December.

‘Cause it will be back to ordering pizza by then.



One Comment on “Fargo in July

  1. A coffee place that opens late! Yeah, I would be totally tapping my fingers like a junkie, waiting for them to open the doors.

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