A fundamental difference between my two dogs:

First morning potty break.  Gibbs is at the door first, but Fiona shoves past him and tears outside to run two laps around the perimeter of yard to be sure we are safe from demons and squirrels.  Gibbs walks out a dozen steps and pees.  Then he wanders a bit to find the best place to do the rest of his business.  Upon completion, he returns immediately to the  porch because he knows it is time for breakfast.  Hopefully, by this time Fiona has urinated and we can go inside.  But sometimes not.

So at Last Potty of the Night, I had been in the habit of putting Fiona on a leash.  No patrolling.  Potty and then bed.  Wednesday night, after returning from Ohio, my head was not in the game and she was out the door in a flash.

To corner a skunk.  She was sprayed before I walked around the corner of the house.  Then to the rolling around rubbing her face in the grass.  The skunk meandered under the fence and away from the drama.  Luckily, it didn’t get into her eyes, but it was totally in her mouth.  I herded her into the house and my mother started making the hydrogen peroxide solution to remove the stench.

She was foaming so badly at the mouth that I actually called the doggie ER to make sure it was just the gawdawful taste, as opposed to a systemic reaction.  It was.

I didn’t see Gibbs, so I ran upstairs to be sure he was in bed.  Gibbs doesn’t like drama, so it is just like him to run up to bed when something weird is happening.

He was not there.

I went back into the yard.  Gibbs had the skunk cornered on the other side of the yard.  Luckily, the skunk was skunked out.  But I should seriously bring this to a vote.  Of the three – Fiona, Gibbs and the skunk – which is the dumbest?

I cannot tell you how much washing I have done in the last few days.  I have also thrown away several reusable shopping bags.  And sprayed special de-skunking solution over a dozen surfaces in my house.  I still smell it everywhere.

‘Tis the season, I am told.  Kelly, at Doggie Do Rite, recently had to de-skunk all four of her dogs, her cat and herself.  Maggie at Wags on Willow, had to de-skunk her bulldog.

Seriously, I would rather deal with a coyote.

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