Alaska Wrap Up

A few more pictures from Alaska (before I board the next airplane):

Jill and I stopped at “Exit Glacier” in Kenai Fjords National Park.  (I would have done Four Square Check In but my phone didn’t have service.)  It was funny right from the start because as we were climbing out of the rental car – a Prius – we saw the serious people.  With “gear”.  I wasn’t even wearing real gym shoes, let alone hiking boots.  So we decided to use the “handicapped accessible” trail.  It doesn’t get you very far, so we continued for one more loop closer to the main event:

We didn’t actually “hear the crackling”.

We also took the Anchorage city tour by trolley.  For 15 bucks, it worth taking the hour. I’d recommend doing it first to help get the lay of the land before doing other stuff.  I did take this shot of the land drop after the 1964 earthquake.  You can see how that would have trashed a lot of homes:

I also forgot I had this shot of a glacier lake – with more of the dead earthquake trees.  I think it was on the way to Seven Glaciers Restaurant:

And finally, this is my best illustration of the “midnight sun” effect.  I took it from my hotel window at 11:30 p.m.



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