Fashion Means Your Fur Hat is Dead, Mike Doogan

Book 28

Sub-titled “A Guide to Good Manners and Social Survival in Alaska” – I bought this used at the book store in the strip mall next to my hotel in Alaska.  Loved that book store.  And my copy is inscribed by the author.

The Rules of Etiquette are pretty funny.  Lots of jokes about guns, booze, feuds and cheating on your spouse.  Apparently, all arguments are settled by determining who has lived in Alaska the longest.  A newbie is anyone who came in on an airplane later than yours.  And all Alaskans are required to rescue strangers in need, regardless of how new or stupid they are.  And you aren’t allowed to ask how they came to be frozen and alone in the tundra in the first place.

Oh, and I learned that people in Fairbanks despise people in Anchorage.

So that was fun.

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