With the Blood

The other night, I went downstairs to let the dogs out and put the birds to bed.  This is what I found in Kiwi’s cage:

I’ve been through this enough times at the Refuge to have a clue.  First, look at the bird: is there an obvious wound?

There was not.  Second, look at the paper.  Is the blood fresh or dried?

Dried.  Breathe now.  I picked her up…feet were fine..carried her to the bathroom and set her down on the counter.  Then I saw it:

Dried blood on her beak.  Damn.

Left her in the bathroom, ushered the dogs upstairs, went back to the cage to investigate:

and there was blood all over her food dish.  Then I saw the tip of her beak, broken, on the bottom of the cage.  I went back to Kiwi.  I cleaned her up, which she did not appreciate, made sure there was no more blood, and put her to bed.  My friend Karen, former vet tech, took a look the next morning.  She said the beak is still tender, but she will be fine.

I am sure Kiwi was in need of a beak trim, and she swings from all sorts of things in her cage.  She’ll be seing the vet soon.

I don’t have kids..I have pets.  And I gotta tellya, this one was a bit scary.


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