Writers’ Theatre: A Little Night Music

I am not sure I’d ever even heard of A Little Night Music before.  And if you ask me tomorrow, what’s playing at Writers’ Theatre, I will probably say, “that one with Send in the Clowns“.  But damn, it was good.

Writers’ doesn’t have a company of actors, but a cast of usual suspects.  William Brown directed Shannon Cochran, his co-star from Private Lives, in the lead role.  (Note: Private Lives may have been the show that made me a subscriber – they were that good.  That was an awfully long time ago.)  She is bloody fabulous, as always.  The actor with the toughest job, I think, was the guy that played the Count.  The character is so ridiculous as to be nearly a cartoon.  Think Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  But he did well.  There was also a fine young actress – a student at Barrington High School – playing the daughter.  She found this perfect balance between innocent and worldly.

There is a relatively large cast, with several actors doing double duty in minor roles.  They make it work.  I’m not sure why so many had to spend quite so much time in their underwear, though.  Intimate space and all.  Which reminds me that I when I renewed my subscription for next year, I actually asked for new seats.  Musicals makes actors spit, and I am currently in the line of fire.  Also, I am constantly worried about where I put my feet and my bag, so as not to trip up an actor.  I was also whipped by the flying skirts of the dancing actresses.  So.  No more front row for me.

If you’d like to see the trailer, you can find it here.  Runs through July 8.

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