Sigmund and the Bunny and the Feathers

The other night I brought home Joker, a rabbit for whom I pet sit once or twice a year.  The last time he was here, Gibbs was a very small puppy, so I was a tiny bit worried about his reaction.

No problem.  Gibbs doesn’t show any interest in Joker.  He is interested, however, to see the birds are interested.  This is a picture of Sigmund about five seconds after I had settled in Joker:

Which led me to realize that Sigmund’s feathers have really come in.  Which led me to feel a tiny bit guilty because the last time he chewed off all of his feathers, it was because there was a new puppy in the house and I am right now preparing to bring home Dog #2.  So.  Just so I have a record of Sigmund being almost-fully-feathered again:

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