Next New Favorite Dog Toy

Gibbs has had a couple of these:

He starts by playing with them appropriately.  Dig the little stuffed animals out of the house or tree or hive.  Then he shreds the house.  Or tree.  Or hive.  He also had one of these:

It made him mad.  So he pulled off one donut, opened the blue stuffed bone and pulled the stuffing out so that I couldn’t put the donuts back on it.  He still has those donuts.  He likes to throw them into the air.  Thinks he’s so freakin’ clever.

Finally, we tried this:

Awesome.  The idea of the eggs made me squeamish, but he doesn’t know what they are, so whatever.  We started with the fish one.  And look:

The hole where the eggs go is elastic and just a bit harder for the dog to dig the toy out.  And the fish one doesn’t have any other stuffing inside, so it stays intact (Although Gibbs tore off the eyeballs and the lips.  Damn weirdo.)  The size of the eggs is in the same neighborhood as a tennis ball, which he loves.  And there are replacement eggs for when he loses them under a different couch!

Love this toy.  I have bought more.  They are at Wags on Willow in Northbrook and online at Drs. Foster and Smith.

One Comment on “Next New Favorite Dog Toy

  1. I have always thought those beehive toys were cute. I have seen them at the shelter where I volunteer, the one with the bees and the tree with the squirrels. You are right, the digging eggs out of an animal is a bit of a weird thing, but those toys look cute too. I have occasionally bought toys for my cats because I thought the toys were cute but they showed no interest in them, which is probably better than them destroying the toy and making me sad.

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