Kauai – Day Three

It is a good thing I packed two days of stuff into yesterday, because I will be doing absolutely nothing today.

I had reservations for a cruise up the coast at 1:30 and it takes 40 minutes or so to drive to the pier.  I started early thinking I would take the meandering way.  First, I stopped at Safeway for breakfast again.  Then I headed toward Poipu, the southshore beach.  I drove through it and didn’t stop primarily because the public parking lot I found was flooded out from the rain.  But I did stop at a little shopping center that I quickly determined was was the newfangled hangout of the affluent transplants to Kauai’s first gated community.


Next, I found the coffee plantation.  It is relatively new, having started with a parcel of land from the old sugar plantation that had been around since the beginning of time.  Apparently, sugar is labor-intensive and became too expensive to continue.  So they had a nice Visitor’s Center and coffee tasting and a short walking tour.

I didn’t much sample the coffee, but I tried one.  I prefer Kona.

Once back on the road, I saw a sign to Waimea Canyon.  I didn’t think I would make it over there, as the map made it seem pretty far off.  But it was still early and the sign said 17 miles so I took it.

Seventeen miles up a mountain takes a pretty long time.  And it wasn’t terribly well marked, so I actually had to stop to be sure I was still headed in the right direction.  I was.  It took so long that I decided that if I wasn’t at the top by 11am I would have to turn around.  I made it at 10:45.  And you guys:

I could have missed this.  I hate to be a “take your pictures and leave” type, but it was necessary.

So I headed for the Pier, which is a whole other story.

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