Home for Christmas, by Andrew M. Greeley

Book 57 of 50 Book Challenge and Book 2 of the Holiday Reading Challenges  

Greeley is a famous novelist/priest that I thought I might try to read someday.  Then I saw he had a Christmas book and it wasn’t too long and it fit nicely in my carry on..

And it was very good.  Three-tour Iraq war veteran has a near death experience in which God tells him to go home and fix things, particularly with the childhood sweetheart.  His first communion priest is also back in town, now the monsignor of the parish.  Redemption, forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas.  Fa la la la la.

The cheese factor was tolerable, as was the politics.  The preaching was surprisingly low, considering it is the life’s work of the author.

I liked it.  I could read this guy again.

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