He Was Positively Considerate

You may recall that six months ago, we lost a dog.  Shadow had a rough final year and it was hard to watch his decline.  Of course when it was over, we had another cloud hanging over our heads in that Spooky the Cat was 20 years old.

You may also recall that Spooky was the first cat we’d ever had.  Mostly because we are dog people, but also because my mother is allergic.  He was 8 1/2 when he came to live with us.

Because we are very dutiful about veterinary care, we knew that if nothing else got him, his kidneys would fail.  And I gotta tellya, I have heard terrible stuff about that.  But the older he got, the more we heard that he was in great shape for his age.  The joke was that this one would go when he decided to go and it would be damn quick.

So.  Yeah.

Wednesday he was fine.  Yesterday, we came home from my brother’s house and found he’d been throwing up.  Spent the better part of the day at two different vet’s offices and finally got the verdict:  abdominal mass; it was big and it was malignant.

He was already in pain; which we didn’t know.  So that was it.  We had one horrible, godawful day and it was over.

So without any violin music, this is how I will remember Spooky.

3 Comments on “He Was Positively Considerate

  1. Thanks. He did make for good blog fodder, didn't he? Wish I'd had one when he first came to live with me. Hell – I'd have been live-tweeting every jail break and every fight with my dog.

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