My Car is a Great Big Liar

For the first time in 94,000 miles, my car flashed her, “Dude, I’m running on fumes” light.  I was only a few blocks from my regular gas station, so I pulled in and filled up.

It was twelve gallons.

My car has a tank that holds 15.5 gallons.  And I know (because I read it in the manual once) that the “Dude, I’m running on fumes” light comes on when you are down to 1.5.  So I know (because I can do math) that I should have required 14 gallons to fill that tank.

I pulled out of the station wondering who was fibbing – the gauge or the gas station.

As it happens, my next errand was to pick up Gibbs.  Doggie Do Rite happens to be next door from my mechanic, so I stopped in and told my story to Bill.

“So,”  I finished.  “Who is fibbing?  Car or gas station?”

“Well,” Bill said.  “The way I remember it, gas stations are highly regulated and tested on a regular basis.      The gauge on your car…”

I knew it.  I knew my car was a big faker-drama queen.

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