Ridiculous Things from this Week

  1. USA Network. A commercial with Dick Van Dyke and the letters WWF in the corner.  I thought, “Why is Dick van Dyke promotin the World Wrestling Federation?”  #worldwildlifefederation
  2. Internet.  The number of “click on this link”s for “incredibly disturbing photos” of the Ohio animals.  I did not.
  3. Noodles & Company, Schaumburg.  One woman is sitting at a table for six, chatting on her cellphone, making notes on her leather-bound pad without so much as a Coke in front of her at the heart of the lunch hour.  Still there when I left.
  4. 10:00 p.m. lights out.  10:05 p.m.  Puppy starts squeaking on his squeaky toys.
  5. Anne learns that “Dude, seriously” is not a command that puppies understand.

One Comment on “Ridiculous Things from this Week

  1. "Internet. The number of "click on this link"s for "incredibly disturbing photos" of the Ohio animals. I did not. "I did unfortunately.

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