Summer Vacations I Haven’t Done Yet

I was talking with a co-worker who is planning a vacation with her new husband.  They are thinking Boston.  Boston is perennially on my list of possibilities for Summer Vacations, but never quite makes the cut.  This year, I went to Disney with family.  That has happened a non-zero number of times.  And I always want to go back to New Orleans.

Over the last few years, I have crossed a few off the list.  South Dakota.  Toronto.  My employer sent me to Seattle three times, so I got over that.

But there are so many, many places I haven’t been.  And so many, many excuses.  Here’s my Top Ten (after Boston, I mean):

  1. Yellowstone – I don’t even know how to get there.  And do they have wi-fi?
  2. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – You have to fly to Vegas and then drive five hours.
  3. Alaskan cruise – There are only about five good weeks to go and demand is high. $$$$
  4. Gulf coast –  Every time I think about it, I get distracted by the bright shiny object called New Orleans.
  5. European tour – I’m waiting for the dollar to come back.  Stop laughing.
  6. Grand Canyon – If I am going to head in that direction, Best Friends comes first.
  7. Mackinac – I live in Chicago.  I can always go to Mackinac.
  8. Civil War road trip – Seriously, gotta narrow that one down.
  9. Oregon – if I am heading in that direction, I might as well go to Alaska.
  10. Ozarks – If I went to the Ozarks before New England, the Rotondi sisters might kill me.
My winter 2012 vacation is booked.  But I’d better hang on to this for next summer.

One Comment on “Summer Vacations I Haven’t Done Yet

  1. I think Europe works better in fall or spring. Too hot in the summer. Very nice here now and not super crowded. I don't let the exchange rate bug me much even if I'm eating rice and beans when I get home.

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