Conehead Puppy

After dropping Gibbs off at the vet, they called me.  Sorta terrifying, actually.  But the issue was that while doing a pre-op exam, they saw that he still has baby teeth that are messing with his grown up teeth and they recommended removing them while he was under anesthesia.

How many?  Five.

Dog was neutered.  Dew claws removed from both hind legs.  And five baby teeth removed.  So this is what he looks like now:

He is hiding the bandages.

But just so you believe me, these are his front paws.  You can see the dew claws are relatively straight and point in the right direction:

This is the rear one that I took yesterday:

You can see where that might get caught on something.

So he came through fine.  He has eaten some dinner and not thrown it back up.  Now we just wait and see how long we can all stand to watch him stumble around with the cone.

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