Gibbs at 15 Weeks

This week, we learned that Gibbs is ok with the storms.  After that first incident, we had another one come through Thursday night.  Because he had gone potty before it started, he pretty well slept through it.  However, he had gotten up onto my bed by then.  Friday morning, I had an appointment, so he went into his crate.  Then this happened:

It was officially the biggest one-day rainfall total in Chicago history.  When I got home, he was totally fine.  Excellent.

He learned to disembowel his toys.  Which means I may actually have to buy some for him.

And because Fluffycat like the updates, there have been one or two confrontations with Spooky the cat.  He moves in fast, which Spooky hates, but he seems to have figured out that the cat doesn’t want to play with him.  When he gets too close, Spooky will smack him and he will back off.  No drama.  This picture is cheating, in that I took it last week.  The point here is that sometimes, Spooky is the one that moves in and starts it:

He finishes up the puppy shots this week.  Then finally, we can take him out and around.

2 Comments on “Gibbs at 15 Weeks

  1. I can tell how big he has gotten in relation to Spooky. Spooky is like my Kiki who acts like she hates playing when it's Teddy's idea, but then occasionally she'll start a fight herself.

  2. Yeah. Spooky sometimes starts it, but he doesn't seem to be playing. More like daring Gibbs to screw with him so as to assert his authori-tay.Also, I think Gibbs may have been sitting closer to the screen than Spooky. I will see if I can get a better pic to show their relative sizes.

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