At the Children’s Museum

Glenview is very proud of Kohl’s, its childrens’ museum in the Glen Town Center.  Very hands on with the pretend grocery store and pretend sandwich shop and pretend vet’s office, etc.  My brother’s family bought a membership this year and we took the kids over today.  I was interested to see how each child navigated it.

Alex, age 6, was a lot like me.  He ran through each exhibit rather quickly, then doubled back to the things that he really enjoyed.  Ainslie went into the pretend library – with all of the real books – and camped out right here:

At the real computer.  The child is two and a half years old and I could not tear her away from this screen.  All I did was get her to the menu of “toddler games”.  She went through each one and found the one she liked.  It involved a choo-choo train where you match the letters on the keys to the letters on the doors of the freight train doors to unlock them.

Scott got her away from it for awhile, but at the next opportunity, she dragged me by the hand back to the pretend library with the real computer games.  This gave “growing up with technology” new meaning for me.

And I guess I know what to get this one for her birthday.

P.S.  Her pigtails are uneven because she wouldn’t sit still when her mother tried to fix them after nap time.

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