I Joined Twitter

Three things happened at about the same time:

1. I sketched out something of a social media proposal for a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, where I volunteer.
2. My friend and fellow volunteer, Susanna, read the proposal and asked if I am on Twitter. No. One might wonder how I sketched out said proposal if I am not even on Twitter.
3. My brother, who refuses to join Facebook, finished a story with, “And so I tweeted that to my congressman!”

So I signed up. It took me 15 minutes just to claim a username, as the good variations of my name are already being used.


I followed a couple of people I know and gmail found me some more. And then…what to tweet?

I am a blogger. An amateur blogger, but still. I should be able to come up with some great opening line, right? This is the forum I will want to use to talk with my peers and promote my causes. I’d better come up with something interesting to say!


So I started to look around for the ways these different accounts link together: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Crowdrise. Then I realized that I hadn’t updated my Crowdrise page with the new location for the fundraiser the Refuge is holding on Memorial Day. Thus my first ever (accidental) Tweet was:

Bird Walk location has changed: it is now at Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit – 30 Riverwoods Road.

Technology is beautiful, isn’t it?

So it was an inauspicious beginning. The real question is how I might use this tool to network with other local volunteers? How might the Refuge (or the other organizations I work with) use it to build and support their communities? Will I be able to figure it out with all of the shiny objects they put in my path?

These are not rhetorical questions – any insight would be appreciated!

One Comment on “I Joined Twitter

  1. I am not yet on twitter, possibly because I find it annoying, but probably due to my own stubbornness as well. I did learn that you can put twitter feeds in your RSS reader. I also saw a book at a store yesterday that was "the hidden twitter" or something, next to "how to use tumblr."

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