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Not long ago, I was informed by Facebook that my friend Melissa started a gourmet pretzel business.     She posted that she would be at the Morton Grove Farmers Market on Saturday, so I headed over early.  The Farmers Market doesn’t open for real for a few more weeks, but they had a sort of preview just in time for Mother’s Day.  Melissa said that she has been doing the dipped treats thing for a pretty long time and just recently upped her game.
I seem to remember reading that Farmers Markets are looking into changing the rules for selling baked goods to the public.  Right now, vendors are required to use industrial kitchens.  It involves certain equipment and registration and inspection, if I understand correctly.  This turns off many home-based businesses that can’t or aren’t interested in making the investment.  Melissa mentioned going to a neighboring town to use an approved industrial kitchen for the products she sells at the Market.  You can’t do that while the kids are napping.
Side Note:  I didn’t realize how serious they are.  A coordinator lady came over while we were talking, making her rounds, to be sure all of the vendors are maintaining the sanitary standards required.
So I picked up one of these darling baskets for my Sister-in-Law, who is hosting brunch tomorrow.  My camera clearly can’t do them justice through the cellophane: there were M&M, sprinkles, mini-chocolate chips and peanut butter pretzels.
DiPPED doesn’t have a website with online ordering yet, but it is on Facebook with plenty of pictures and you can send a message if something interests you.
I wonder if I can come up with some goofy new flavor for next time.  I will consult with the nephew tomorrow.  
Edit:  Here is the article I was reading.  A “cottage foods” bill passed the Illinois Senate this week.  On the way to the House.

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