Run, by Ann Patchett 28

I have read several of Patchett’s books and bought Run as soon as it came to the Library’s Used Book Store. I was not disappointed.

Two adopted boys meet their birth mother when she is hit by a car rescuing one of them. The bulk of the novel spans the 24 hour period surrounding the accident, which I rather liked as a reader. The narrative follows the actions of the six members of these two entwined families in a moment of crisis. Much is told in flashback, as characters remember (or try) formative events.

The most awesome thing was that every last character is likable in his or her own way. I mean I would’ve liked to know any of them in real life.  Even the Prodigal Son.  Perhaps especially the Prodigal Son.  You could honestly root for everything  to turn out well for everyone.

There is one melodramatic plot thread that I found totally unnecessary to the story, but I forgive it because it doesn’t hurt anything in the end.

Loved this.

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