The Keychain Dilemma

Christmas, 1992.  My parents gave me a leather dual-sided key chain from Coach.  And a car, but never mind that.  We’re talking about the key chain.  Eighteen years and it just died on me.  The snap came out of the leather.  So I went to look for a new one.  Yes, I probably could have Krazy glued it.  But the seams are also fraying and really.  Eighteen years.

I liked the snap thing.  It allowed me to easily disengage my car keys from the rest of the keys.  I wanted just exactly this same thing, but new.  So I looked around the usual places.  No luck at the department stores.  Very blingy things they have.  And nothing with two sides.   I went to the Michael Kors store.  Nothing.  I searched far and wide for a week, walking around with two sets of keys in my coat pocket.

I was desperate.  I went to the Coach store.

There is nothing wrong with Coach.  They have some quality stuff.  I just have a problem carrying the same bag with the same logo as every other person at the airport.  It demonstrates some lack of imagination. know.   The logo says “Chicago Bears”.

The Coach store staff was very impressed with my keychain.  They had never seen anything like it.  Meaning that it has not been manufactured in years.  They did have a leather thing with a ring on one side and a clamp on the other.  But the clamp seemed to be for attaching the keys to something so that one doesn’t lose them.  Not for more keys.  But they did have this:

Two sides and if you turn the knobby, the rings are separated.  Not as pretty, more money than I really wanted to spend (and omg I paid retail) and I doubt it will last eighteen years.  But it serves my purpose.
Sad day.

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