Blanket 12

The first of the fleece blankets from the Project Linus Starbucks night.  The deal with these blankets, I may have mentioned, is that they are prepared by cutting any edges off the material and then using a rotary cutter with a special skip stitch blade around the edges to create holes through which you crochet.

For two earlier blankets, I did this prep work and hated it.  The measuring.  And in a straight line, even.  Bleh.  So Penny of the YouTube video gets her peeps together to prepare the material.  We bring her new material and swap it for the prepared stuff and start stitching.

I had mostly gone for the sports stuff, but I saw this little piece of fleece and took it:

Little fairies or whatever the size of a baby blanket.  But you know what that yarn is?  The leftover from the Ice Cream Blanket.  I can’t believe I found a way to use the remnants of that yarn!

Basic stitch, two rows around. Loops & Thread Impeccable Yarn in Neapolitan.

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