Sigmund and Cobalt

I don’t remember if I mentioned that in addition to Sigmund, I brought home Cobalt, a darling lovebird from the Refuge, to foster for the holidays.  Boarding pet birds is a major source of revenue for the Refuge, and it gets very crowded.  At my house, Cobalt was sure to have more time outside of the cage and it is one less bird for the volunteers to care for when we are already really busy.

Cobalt spent four or five weeks at my house.  She is extremely flighted and really fearless.  She flew from room to room and perch to perch to see what all the other birds and people were doing.  It made Kiwi crazy.  Sigmund got used to her:

Excuse the terrible camera-phone picture.  Cobalt was foraging in Sigmund’s dish.  He put up with her on the perch.  He did not put up with her landing on his cage.  She does not like to be handled, and did not step up for me once, but after a few weeks, she understood when it was bedtime and I didn’t have to chase her around too much to get her to fly back to her cage all by herself.

I am returning Cobalt to the Refuge tomorrow, as I leave for Atlanta on Wednesday.  I am sad to see her go and hopeful that she will find a “forever home” soon.  Cobalt is up for adoption and you can find her profile here.

Note:  I just realized that the profile refers to Cobalt as “him”.  So I could be wrong about the gender.  Charming bird, either way.

One Comment on “Sigmund and Cobalt

  1. My mom had a bird named Irving who one day started laying eggs. I guess it's hard to tell especially when they are babies. Cobalt looks cute, and that's a good name that doesn't seem to be assigned to either gender.

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