Nothing New Here

After a long day with the seminar (Round 2), I seriously considered ordering room service and not moving for 12 or 14 hours.  I somehow convinced myself to run over to Chinatown to pick up a wrap at that place for dinner.  And maybe a cupcake.  On the way back, I saw some stuff from a different angle:

That dome is the Natural History Museum.  I’ve only been there once or twice since graduation, but it is where they keep the Hope Diamond.  It is very pretty, but seriously.  Don’t waste five minutes of a trip to Washington standing in line to see it.

The walk for carry out was a good idea.  Now I am too tired to do anything else.

One Comment on “Nothing New Here

  1. The last time I actually went in to see the Hope Diamond, there was a huge line around and I had to wait. Also my mom bought the fake one at the gift shop as a gift for herself.

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