30 Day TV Meme – Day 05

Day 05 – A show you hate

I despise reality T.V.  And yes, I have watched enough of it to know.  I watched the first season of Survivor.  It was an interesting sociological experiment, but the contestants’ behavior made me squirm and I was pained to see Richard the Manipulative win.
I watched some of Beauty and the Geek.  It seemed to be making a point.  It seemed to have some heart.  But I stil spent the better part of each episode cringing.
I watched the first of the High School Reunion shows.  It was my graduating class from a school in my area.  Terrible.
But my worst disdain is reserved for America’s Next Top Model.  It seems to be less about becoming a model and more about creating high drama among The Beautiful People. 
Reality TV rewards bad behavior and I can’t stand it.

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