Traveling Alone

Rick Steves just wrote a nice piece about traveling alone.  He said:
“Solo travel gives you complete freedom and independence. You never have to wait for your partner to pack. You decide where to go, how far to travel, how much to spend and when to call it a day. If ad-libbing, it’s easier for one to slip between the cracks than two.”

So, so true.  Now, Steves was talking about vacationing in Europe and doing that alone might be a bit much for me.  I was feeling all cool about going to Toronto when my mother informed me that Canada “doesn’t count” as going to a foreign country.  But I have considered doing a European tour by myself.  I stumbled onto a company online that coordinates trips for ladies traveling solo.  It looks a bit pricey, but I can see the value. 

I continually struggle with having X number of vacation days and Y dollars in budget with a whole world to see and so many places that deserve a return trip.  Or ten.  I don’t know how I would do it if I had to negotiate with someone else.
This is why I am never getting married.

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