Organic Gummy Bears

Yeah, you read that right.

You know I love  So I was at the website reordering my awesome custom trail mix and then started clicking around for fun.  They have this new feature where they will send you a sample of something for $2.50.  It isn’t all of their products, but they have a list.  On the list: “Organic Gummy Bears”.

So, you ask – WTH is in an Organic Gummy Bear?  Nuts Online wrote:


Organic Rice Syrup, organic cane sugar, gelatin, organic carrot juice, organic aronia juice, organic black currant, organic curcuma, natural flavor, citric acid, ascorbic acid, organic sunflower oil”

Um.  That doesn’t really sound good.  But for $2.50, I can try it and have something to blog about.  (How much would you pay for something to write about?  Discuss amongst yourselves.)  But get this:

They were sold out. 

Are they organic and calorie free?  I don’t understand.

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