The Library, by Sarah Stewart afternoon, I stole my brother’s library card, put Ainslie in the stroller and walked over to her library.  While she was playing with the other kids, I picked up a couple of board books for her and grabbed a couple of books for Alex, who was still at school.  One was Miss Nelson is Missing.  If you haven’t read that book…well.  It might be too late for you.  Then I saw The Library, by Susan Stewart.  It had a girl with a wagon full of books on the cover.  That was good enough for me.

The Library is about a girl that loves to read and doesn’t do anything else.  She grows up and buys a house and fills it with books.  Then one day she can’t fit any more books in the house.  So she donates the house and all the books to make a library and moves into a little place with a friend.  They drink tea and read books.

I want to be her when I grow up.  Except with Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

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