Kindle Downloads

Publisher’s Weekly had an article about the bestseller list for

“For some in publishing it may be a curiosity, for others a point of contention—Amazon’s practice of including free downloads in its list of most popular Kindle titles. It will soon no longer be an issue. A representative at the e-tailer has confirmed that the company will be splitting its Kindle bestseller list, creating one list for paid books and another for free titles. The date for the switch is vague—the rep would only say it will happen in “a few weeks”—but the switch will certainly be noticed.”

I have a Kindle – it was a gift from my brother.  While it is a very nice gadget, I have a problem with spending $10 on the average book.  I have done very well with the 99 cent classics, and I have certainly downloaded some freebies – including a Star Wars serial about some Sith Lords.

The article suggests to me the decision is less about trying to get us to spend more money and more about giving and receiving better (or perhaps more “fair”) data on the sales.

Since Amazon plans to have a list of the freebies, I don’t much have a problem with this “separation”.  I scroll those lists mostly in my idle Internet surfing time, so clicking one more list doesn’t bother me.  In fact, it might even be more efficient.  And I understand that comparing a “bestseller” that doesn’t cost anything with a bestseller that costs $10 hardly seems fair.

Perhaps I am just a geek, but I find the evolution of this business model absolutely fascinating.

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