This is Joker, a bunny that I am babysitting for a friend on vacation.  He is a charming bunny and has a favorite game. 

At night, when I open his cage door, he comes out and gets right in Shadow’s face for as long as he can stand it…then runs back into his cage.  Shadow also likes it, because he gets to feel like a big, bad herding dog.

He also runs back into his cage every time he sees the flash, so I had to turn it off.  As far as I can tell, Spooky hasn’t introduced himself.  But the rest of us are having a good time.

3 Comments on “Joker

  1. He has patches over both eyes. He also does this weird thumping of the hind legs that I think makes him feel like a badass.The dog is cool with transient animals as long as they stay in their Designated Transient Animal Spaces.

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