One Lost to Live

I sat down in front of the family room television last night and turned on the pop up video of last week’s Lost.  Because it is time for my mother to step awaaaaay from Madness.  She watched the first two seasons and then quit.  I forget what made her mad, but it may have involved Shannon losing Vincent.  Again.  After explaining the pop up concept to her, we both realized it wasn’t doing enough to catch her up.  And it also didn’t explain where exactly Vincent was.

As I was talking her through it, I was reminded of those weeks when we first discovered the soap opera channel on cable.  On Sunday, they would run a marathon of the entire week of General Hospital and we turned it on a couple of times.  Because Luke and Laura were back!  And Robert! And Anna!  So I tried to catch her up on what LukeandLauraandRobertandAnna had been doing for all these years.  Or anyway, what they were doing when I was in college.  And it was all so convoluted.

Explaining the last three years of Lost was like trying to catch up with General Hospital.  Except with phrases like “the space/time continuum”.  But it turns out that YouTube has plenty of videos for just that purpose.  But it’s funnier if you actually know who Dr. Chang is:

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