First Impressions of the Big Island

Since I arrived after dark, and woke up at 5am, I didn’t even see the place until I have been here for hours and hours.  But the first thing you see is the airport, right?
On the first business trip I ever took, I was having dinner with my boss, Ron, and a vendor named Robert.  Ron and Robert had a deal whenever they travelled together – Ron’s job was to find the best place to eat and Robert’s expense account paid for it.  So we were having a nice meal and got to talking about how we judge cities.  Ron, of course, judges them by the food.  Robert judges them by the view from his hotel window.  I said that I judge them by the airport.  And really, that is still true.
Kona airport’s terminal – as in the place where you sit and read a book and wait for your plane – is open air.  As in pretty much outdoors.  My mother neglected to mention this. 
Driving up from the airport on the dark, dark road, I had just convinced myself that there was no danger of hitting a deer when I saw a sign that said “Donkeys Crossing”.  So I thought, “Did that sign just say donkeys crossing?”  When I saw another caution sign with a picture that looked like a donkey.
It is pretty in a less-beachy-more-organic sort of way, which I like.  The “organic” being volcanic rock.  This is outside my window:

And this is the ocean view of the “ocean view room”:
Here are my vacation goals:
  1. Eat papaya every single day.  At every meal if it can be arranged.
  2. Do not check the work e-mail more than once a day.
  3. Don’t spend too damn much money.
I am definitely going to head toward the volcano sometime this week, and will consider some whale-watching something.  But omg, the sun is finally up and now I am just going outside.

3 Comments on “First Impressions of the Big Island

  1. I'm bordering on intense jealousy. Sorry that I forgot to mention the open-air airport. Now I'm downright nostalgic. I don't remember seeing Donkey-crossings.Don't forget to have pineapple, too!

  2. Oooh I am also envious of your travels. I am sure it's a relief to get out of the ice and snow and be in such a beautiful place. Fruit at every meal!

  3. I LOVED the Big Island. I loved the volcano park. Those wacky signs are for geese crossing! Geese, they call them nenes or something and they are protected and they just wander about -large and disturbing. I don't think I ate papaya in Hawaii. I missed it. But I ate a ton of pineapple.Kris Dahlberg

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