Lost Groundhog Election

I was driving home from work to vote in the primary.  Somewhere on Willow Road, I was cut off by my mother.  She turned to head home and I figured that she had either voted that morning or wanted to let the dog out first. 

When I arrived at the polling center at 4:30, I found that I was only the 70th voter in my precinct.  Pretty pathetic.  So I asked the lady if my mother had been in yet.  The answer was no, and could I send her over?

Sure, I said.  She just cut me off on Willow Road and I am sure she just home went to go let the dog out.

When I arrived at home, I found her camped out on the couch watching the preliminary reports.  I ordered her out the door.  Told her that the lady was expecting her and I promised she’d go.

“Did you tell her that I cut you off on Willow Road?”
No, I didn’t…wait.  Yes, I did.”

And now I have told the entire Internet. 

So she went.  She was voter #73 and there were three people behind her.  Still pretty pathetic.  You know what else is pathetic?  The news reports are more interested in the Pennsylvania Groundhog than in telling me any important thing at all.   Although one station was kind enough to mention that the Brookfield Zoo did not see his shadow, so Chicagoland is off the hook.

Now I am watching Lost and clicking Refresh on the County Clerk’s page.  They are equally confusing.

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