What I Learned During the Black Friday Shopping

  1. Those awesome-looking wireless charging pads?   I went into Best Buy where they weren’t even on sale and the sales lady made sure I understood that in addition to the $100 I’d be paying for the pad, I would be required to purchase these adapter thingies for each device I planned to use on the wireless charger.  $30 each, assuming they are even compatible.  Not so awesome.   Which leads to…
  2. Now I am thinking I should buy the Wii Mario Brothers for Scott.  Which means there is a very real possibility that he and I might get each other the same gift for Christmas.  Again.
  3. The cell phone lot at O’Hare is a myth.  There are rumors, but I couldn’t find it.  Therefore, it does not exist.  I did, however, find the Starbucks at Baggage Claim in Terminal 3.  Starbucks is no myth.
  4. If there is a silver lining to the H1N1 virus, I think it is that people are making honest attempts to not cough and/or sneeze on other people.  I didn’t notice it until yesterday, but I appreciate the collective effort.
  5. Between the retailers planning better, the shoppers having a sense of humor and the options to go online…I think we are getting pretty good at this nonsense.

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