Deep Lacquer

I was at Joann Fabrics today.  While I was waiting for them to call my number, (so that I could get a yard of fleece for Kay who is making a jacket for the dog) I saw some stackable plastic drawers.  I picked up three, thinking that I really must do something about the mess of cosmetics in my bathroom.  I have an old Caboodle’s box – you know, the ones that were modeled on the things fishermen use – that is in seriously bad shape.

I really did have some old stuff in there.  The experimental green eyeshadow.  Gone.  Two pairs of earrings.  I’d been wondering where they went.  Clinique Deep Lacquer lipstick.

It was a deep red.  I didn’t wear it every day..I wore it on “bad girl” days.  So, not all that often after college.   The last time I wore it was perhaps five years ago.  I put it on before work, just for fun.  My friend Nicholle told me it was freaking her out and I was to go to the bathroom to wash it off and never wear it again.

Would you believe that I did?

I don’t wear much lipstick because I rather believe that a lady either accentuates her eyes or her lips but not both.  I choose the eyes.  Also, I no longer wear red nail polish because my mother has convinced me that it doesn’t look right if you don’t have long fingernails.  Which I will never have again.  Actually, my color was “Toast of New York” but nevermind.  Back in the day, I had a signature color and a signature scent.

I also stopped wearing perfume because I don’t think it belongs in the workplace.   Too many people don’t know how much is too much and I don’t wish to contribute to the problem.  But one day last year when I happen to be going past an H20 store, I stopped in to consider buying my old scent in a lotion.  I remember taking a whiff and thinking, “Yes.  This is how I used to smell.  I don’t smell like this anymore.”  And I walked out of the store.

So instead of Deep Lacquer lipstick, Mariel perfume and Toast of New York, I am wearing Bigelow lip gloss, smelling like cranberry body butter and my fingernails are…(reaching over to look at the bottle)…Country Club Khaki. 

Wait.  Country Club Khaki?  I suddenly want to kill myself.

Anyway.  I kept the earrings.  Tossed the lipstick.

4 Comments on “Deep Lacquer

  1. I tend to agree about perfume in the workplace. My sense of smell has gotten stronger as I get older and I am pretty sensitive to it.I have to disagree with your mom, I think red looks fine on short nails though.

  2. @Fluffycat: The damage is done. I can wear red on my toenails, but not on the manicure. And right now I don't want to attract any more attention to my hands, since my Christmas tree _attacked_ me!I should write about that.

  3. @utter_dork: You know what I mean. That phase some girls go through where they think "liberated" means "drinking margaritas and picking up guys". I'm not proud of it.

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