Holiday Travel had a good article called, “Ten tips to ease the hassles of holiday flying”. It listed the usual stuff, but won me over with two gems.

First, “If you’re planning to drive, remember that this is one of the busiest times of the year and that the parking facilities hit capacity at some airports. If you drive to the airport and find a full lot, that delay could cause you to miss your flight.”

That could so easily happen to me. While I am fully aware that there will be fools in the security line, I would be totally thrown if I couldn’t park in my usual spot.

And second, “If your flight gets canceled or you miss your connection, the only people that can help get you out of the airport work for the airline. So no matter how frazzled your nerves, smile and be pleasant. Even if you’re sure the airline is at fault, a smile is more likely to fix your problem than snarky comments and a raised voice.

Seriously, people. When you are disrespectful to the airline staff, you are making everyone miserable. Just don’t do it.

Thanks to Joy, who ran a meeting for me on Monday, I am not travelling on Thanksgiving week for the first time in…several years. I will give you my trick for surviving the travel day. It works for me every time and I am pretty sure that I am a less patient person than you. Are you ready? This is what I tell myself:

As long as I get there today, I will be just fine.”

I can say this because I have never been stuck in an airport overnight, so I presume that my luck will hold. Once during a delay, I read two books and had to pay retail for a third. I once packed my iPod charger and had to buy a new one to keep my music going. I once had to talk to strangers because I was so bored. Whatever I have to do to get through the day without being part of the problem, I will do.

That’s what Thanksgiving is all about, Charlie Brown. Don’t be part of the problem.

One Comment on “Holiday Travel

  1. I have been stuck overnight twice, once in Houston and once in Paris. There are worse things. You get there eventually.

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