One Week

Tomorrow is my final exam and I will have one week off before the next class.  The big question is whether I will read books, play video games or watch TV.  No.  The actual question is whether I am going to pass this final.  My mother will tell you that I always say that, but for weeks now my job has me so distracted that I can’t concentrate on anything and it isn’t like this particular subject matter comes naturally to me.

I am happy to say this was my best experience with a group project ever.  Because all three of us are having a rough time at work, we were each extra careful to get ahead of the schedule and not be rushing at the end.  So thank you, Rebecca and Nav.  Unfortunately, we are each so close to finishing the program that we will not be in class together again.

Corporate Finance, rumor has it, is calculations and quizzes each week.  I hate math (those present value formulas make me crazy), but the weekly quizzes worked for me in Accounting.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t kill me.

I am just at the point of serious diminishing returns on the studying.  So you know what I am going to do?  I am going to quit worrying about it and go to sleep.

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