Again with the Products

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As you probably know, I spent the entire summer at war with my skin.  It would not stop breaking out.  I expect the issue was a combination of stress, the mold in my house (that also accounted for the stress) and my SPF problem.
It is no longer up for debate that I require serious SPF in whatever moisturizer that I use everyday.  This is because I am both lazy (I can’t be bothered to look in a mirror more than once a day, let alone re-apply product) and careless (I don’t think much before opening the windows or the sunroof in the car).  My skin is officially sun damaged and it is not cool.
I have spent years looking for a decent moisturizer with SPF of 15 to 30.  Mary Kay’s made me break out.  Others were greasy and/or messed up my make up.  For the last couple of years, I have gotten away with using a light moisturizing serum under a standard sunscreen.  I am getting too old for that.  Finally, I found something that I like:
I found Coola‘s “organic moisturizing suncare” at The Soap Box Shop in Highland Park.  It is one of those hand-made/organic/way too expensive boutiques that happened to have its door open as I returned to my car after seeing my allergist and it smelled good in there. 
The label says, “paba/paraben/petroleum free, water/sweat resistant, vitamin rich and specifically designed to protect and hydrate sensitive facial skin.”  It was $32, which I consider too much for sunscreen, but not terrible for a good moisturizer if it lasts long enough.  And it was 25% off.
It didn’t clear up my skin right away, but I was reminded that if you keep changing up your skincare routine, your skin will get ticked at you.  But once everything returned to normal, I dedided that I love this product. 
I don’t care much about organics but I dig the cucumber scent in this one.  I have been using it on top of The Body Shop’s Vitamin C serum (which no self-respecting spa junkie would do, but the Vitamin C is helping with the sun damage and I just refuse to pay $135 dollars for the Skinceuticals product that everyone is raving about), and I don’t need very much of it to get coverage.  It doesn’t make my face any shinier than normal and it does not gunk up my make up brushes.
The final test of this will be how deep into the Chicago winter will it take me before my skin feels dried out.  I’ll keep you posted.

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