Counting Blessings

I spent the better part of the summer complaining about my house, the mold in my house, and the cost of removing the mold in my house. Then last week, I saw some of the reports coming out of Georgia and thought it was about time that I counted my damn blessings and gave some money to the Red Cross. And then today, I saw the report about the tsunami hitting American Samoa.

The early reports are patchy and contradictory, but I am paying attention because I happen to know someone from American Samoa. Who happens to be my boss’ wife. My boss was just telling me that after he retires next month he plans to go with her for a visit, which is very exciting because he has never been there before and they have been married for 41 years. 

So I decided that my obligation just went from giving the Red Cross money to Giving the Red Cross Money and Posting about it on the Internet so that Maybe Other People Will Give Them Money, Too. Here is the link to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund.

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