No. Please. No.

Variety is reporting that some Hollywood geniuses have picked Heathers as the latest thing to turn into a crappy TV show:

Fox is developing a contemporary take on the 1989 Christian Slater/Winona Ryder feature “Heathers.”

Dark comedy will be adapted for TV by scribe Mark Rizzo, with an assist from “Sex and the City” alum Jenny Bicks. Sony Pictures TV, where Bicks is based, will produce, along with Lakeshore Entertainment, which holds the rights to “Heathers.”

I was going to write something about how those of us that loved it will hate a remake and those that hated it will harp on the post-Columbine inappropriate…whatever.

It reminds me of a line that I am going to butcher from another great Christian Slater film. It went something like:

Everything good has already been done. All the great themes have been turned into theme parks.

I thought that reality TV took over because people will watch anything and it is cheap to produce. But it seems that Hollywood really has run out of ideas. This was good stuff, though:

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