Conversations with Kiwi

This afternoon, Kiwi the Grey said the words “Holy crap”. To my mother. I was bragging about it on Facebook when I remembered that Wednesday morning, I was at work and my mother, Kay, e-mailed me from the hotel. She sent the details of a conversation:

Kay: Stupid slow computer. I could walk to the office to get the answer faster than I can get it online.
Kiwi: Do you have a problem?
Kay: Yes, Kiwi.
Kiwi: Do you have to poop?

I’m still not sure where she might have picked up the phrase “Do you have a problem”, but still. Conversation. Coincidentally, I had a conversation with her that morning:

I had opened her (travel) cage door, but she stayed in the cage while I was in the bathroom. I don’t think she could see me because the door is half closed.

Kiwi: Hello?
Me: Good morning.
Kiwi: Do you have to go upstairs?
Me: No, we are staying downstairs here.
Kiwi: Do you have to poop?
Me: No, I don’t.
Kiwi: Are you ok?
Me: Yes, I am ok. Thanks.

I don’t know whether she really understands what she is saying, or if she is just saying things that she thinks will get a response. But it sure sounds funny.

To bad you can never get these things recorded.

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