Storm Defender

I forget where I first read about The Storm Defender, but it is a special cape for dogs with a phobia of storms.

Like many dogs, Shadow’s phobia has gotten worse as he ages. When we are home with him during a storm, he sits in our laps until it is over. 60 pound dog and it could go on all freakin’ night. It is worse, of course, when we aren’t home. He has locked himself in bathrooms and chewed his way through the doorknob into the garage. We had to put a bolt on the door to the basement and remember to leave the shower curtain open in my bathtub. We are so past the point where this was funny.

The cape designed to “discharge static electricity that builds up in the fur”. The theory is that the static is what freaks out the dog, even before the noise. And because the static is often present even before the rain, the dog learns to dread the feeling and that’s why it gets worse as the dog gets older.

So for 70 bucks we are giving it a try:

He doesn’t seem to hate it. We’ll see how he gets through the week.

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