Spring Cleaning

Some people clean out their closets and air the place out. I cleaned out my car. Things I found:

  1. Notebook from Principles of Marketing (Winter 2008)
  2. Notebook from Operations Management (Fall 2008)
  3. Every insurance card my car has ever had, including the temporary one (April 2003)
  4. Every annual registration my car has ever had (April 2004)
  5. Dried out container of car wipees – you know, like Lysol wipes, but for the car
  6. The first hat I ever bought, to go with the first sun roof I ever bought (April 2003)
  7. Mapquest directions to Nicki and Jerry’s house (December 2007)
  8. Sunscreen stick (date unknown)
  9. Water damaged book by Richard Feynman – my mother left it in the passenger side door
  10. Various parking lot tickets for my allergist’s office
  11. Business card and list of needed documentation to re-finance my mortgage
  12. Liz Phair cd in Trans Siberian Orchestra case
  13. The Joshua Tree in Liz Phair case

I was expecting to find a pair of summer loafers that I lost last September, but no luck.

Anyway, the clutter is gone. Which, of course, doesn’t mean the car is clean.

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