Page a Day for Book Lovers

In my stash of fabulous Christmas loot was one of those Page a Day calendars from a colleague. It is for “Book Lovers” and each day has a suggested read. They are all relatively recent publications and cross genres very nicely. I have been making two piles – you might call them “Yes” and “No”. By the 17th of January, there were four books in the “Yes” pile.

As if.

I started to worry. I have enough books to read. I am in school. I volunteer at the library and Half Price Books is my favorite store. What the hell am I doing taking more book recs?

Luckily, the rest of the month was a bust. Today’s pick was World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Apparently a sequel to The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Hm. I was going to make fun of it, then thought better. Utter_scoundrel may be into it.

P.S. File Under “Things I hate about Windows Vista”: You have to change menus to find the hyperlink button. I had no idea how often I use hyperlinks!

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