Eloise – Round 2

I brought Eloise the Grey back home from the Refuge when I returned from San Antonio. She is still on her meds from the fungal infection and it seems that she lost weight again so she is on a supplement. Karen, our volunteer director, likened it to baby cereal. I mix it up and feed it to her from a large syringe. She laps it right up. When she isn’t dribbling and wiping her beak on the counter and shaking her head and splashing it all over my shirt.

Like baby cereal. Or so I hear.

Then I started making a batch of the regular dry diet. Because when I am fostering, I go through it twice as quickly. The base is pellets, with some cereal, dried pasta and other cereal and Nutriberries. I looked at the counter full of stuff that I mix together and it hit me that this is bloody ridiculous:

That is seven things I am mixing together. And this is just for the dry food they get in the morning. While I was putting this together, Eloise was on the T-stand eating her birdie bread with an almond butter booster. Of course, Shadow the Dog was right where he could catch the crumbs and there was no way to get a picture that wasn’t tragically blurry.

Kiwi sat on the refridgerator and watched:

She is kind of a ham.
Eloise will be staying until I leave for Washington again next month. Then she will have another check up with the doctor. Right now my job is to stuff her face every moment we are together.
You wouldn’t believe my laundry right now.

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