I am Not Complaining About the Weather

The headline on the Chicago Tribune’s page is about the U.S. Air flight landing in the Hudson River. This is the second set of stories:

Chicago windchills plunge to dangerous levelsWhy do you live here? Winter weather photos • Weather: Skilling Forecast, conditions Wind chill warning • Watch and listen: The lakefront at sunrise • Commute: Latest CTA Metra Traffic Flights–>• Impact: Hundreds of schools closed Frozen pipes
–>• How to survive: Advice from Fargo Tips from doormen • But don’t do this: Indiana boy licks light pole, gets stuck • How cold is it? It’s Sarah-Palin-thinks-it’s-cold cold
–>• Show and tell: Your photos Your comments • –>

16 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds since Chicago’s temperature dropped below 0

I like the “Why do you live here?” part. A co-worker from DC asked me that last night. “You get used to it,” I replied disdainfully.

Also, I heard a DJ say, “There is a whole generation of Americans that have not seen A Christmas Story!”

And now I know why.

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